MATHSGLOBE worries about its USER’s privacy. Furthermore, MATHSGLOBE values the transparency of its activities and always makes it clear for the USER how the Platform works.
Therefore, by accepting MathsGlobe’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, you need to understand and consent with our Cookie Policy and automatic data collection tool, which aims to clarify how such tools work, their purpose, as well as how to enable and disable them.
Notwithstanding, we strongly recommend you attentively read the Cookie Policy and automatic data collection tool prior to registering or browsing MathsGlobe’s sites and platform.
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It is important to clarify what Cookies and similar technologies are prior to mentioning why and what to use them for.
To come to the point, Cookies are a small data file (usually encrypted text files) that websites request the users’ browser store, whether on the computer or mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.)
The main purpose of cookies is to enable the users’ browser “to remember” its actions and/or preferences throughout time, making it possible that websites that use cookies provide services faster, more efficiently, and customized to the users, without the need to enter the same information over again.
Therefore, cookies are used, among other purposes, to identify USERS, store and remember preferences customized by USERS, help USERS complete tasks without the need to re-enter information when browsing from one website to another or when visiting the Platform again.
Other data collection tools, similar to Cookies, are also employed by the MATHSGLOBE Platform, analytic and tracking cookies that aim to collect USER data and understand their behavior to enable the Platform to work.
We emphasize that we do not collect USER information and data that are not necessary to enable the full and adequate use of the Platform and only to the extent to provide the services explicit in the Terms of Use.
Moreover, the processing and use of the information and data collected from the USERS must always respect the Privacy Policy of the Platform, therefore, it is essential that the USER attentively reads all the policies of the Platform.